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Graffiti Vintage Camo Jacket


 Jacket*Vintage*Camo Authentic Military Field Jacket Oversized

100% Cotton- Woodland Print

Please read the whole description below.

BRANDS AND WASH- Jacket will be similar to jacket in pictures above, but brand can be different, depending what brand in your size I have available. Some of the jackets will have military patches.  

 Hand Wash in cold water and hang dry only!


SIZE GUIDE (measurements of jacket in chest - in inches and cm)

S: 35-37 inches / 89-94 cm

M: 37-41 inches / 94-104 cm

L: 41-44 inches / 104-111 cm

XL: 44-47 inches / 111-119 cm


SIZES- Measure yourself or one of your oversize jackets and compare to measurements in size guide in the listing. Choose size which match measurements of your body the best.

If you have questions of your size , just email me to discuss. If you are interested in an XXL email me to discuss. 

Additional information on custom shipping and returns can be found on the FAQ page.