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NEW ATL SPOTLIGHT ON: The Clever Streetwear Brand WilyATL

March 10, 2019 1 Comment

NEW ATL SPOTLIGHT ON: The Clever Streetwear Brand WilyATL

The new Atlanta team sat down with the great people over at Wily ATL recently to learn more about their Streetwear brand, where they are now and where they plan to go in the future. Check out the interview below!

How and when was your business founded?

Treveon Brown and Sean Atwell have been friends since middle school, and one day in November of 2016 while  reconnecting. I (Treveon Brown) asked Sean if he was interested in starting a clothing brand. Sean responded with yes, then it took us about thirty minutes to come up with the name “Wily” and the rest is history.

What is WilyATL?

WILYATL is a clothing brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Most people are unaware that WILY also means clever, therefore we choose the fox because it represents one of the cleverest animals on the planet. However we are more than just a clothing brand, we like to throw events that carter to upcoming artists, models, photographers, videographers, and DJ's.

Who's on your team?

Treveon Brown - Owner

Sean E Atwell Jr. - Owner

Kristen O'Neal - Creative Director

Julian Brown - Marketer


What products/services does your business provide?

The products we sell include shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, tracksuits, windbreakers, hats, other accessories. Also, we love working with upcoming models, photographers, and videographers to help build their portfolio. Therefore you could consider that a service we provide.

What's been the most challenging thing for your business thus far?


Marketing has been the biggest challenge for us, during the early stages we had great designs. However, we did not know how to market them well. As time went on we began learning how to market and we can definitely say we have revamped the marketing side of our business and since then things have been amazing for us.

What impact do you hope to have on your industry as a whole?

The impact we want WilyATL to have is really simple, we want to be one of the most well-known and respected clothing brands in the industry. However, we still want our values to remain consistent, which includes providing great designs with affordable pricing. Also, we want to inspire other individuals that are in the fashion industry to start their own brand or chase their dreams

How has Atlanta contributed to the success of your business?

Atlanta is now considered the new Hollywood, and we are thankful that the city and its culture has accepted WilyATL. Atlanta has played a key role for us, due to the fact that the city continues to show us love and is really behind us. Atlanta has presented us with models, photographers, videographers, and much more. Without Atlanta we would not be the brand we are today, we have only been out for two years and we have achieved so much success. WilyATL will also pay homage and represent Atlanta well.

About the Founders: 



Treveon Brown is a twenty-four-year-old college graduate, entrepreneur, and business owner. Ever since Treveon was little he always was very interested in fashion, as he got older he always keep up with the latest and hottest trends. However one day he decided to turn his passion into reality and start his own clothing brand. Now he is the owner of one of the hottest upcoming clothing brands in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sean E. Atwell Jr is a twenty-three-year-old freelance graphic designer based out of Atlanta, GA. Born in Miami, FL surrounded by the beautiful scenery and tropical colors. Every since I was a kid I always had an interest in art. I enjoyed the idea of creating your own characters and making what was once an imagination into reality. I moved to Atlanta, GA around the time I was moving up to Middle School. My time at school I practiced my craft and expanded in High School to digital arts. I attended a college course program that lasted for about a semester and I continued my new found love for digital arts at home. I attended the University Of West Georgia and for the first time, I shared my knowledge with my peers in a radio station program. Over the years graphic arts has opened many doors for me and I feel blessed to create Wily ATL and share it among the city with the help of my loved ones. I can’t but help to thank the most important woman in my life . . . My Director, Wife, and Best Friend, Kirsten Rian O'Neal


You can keep up with WilyATL and all they have going on on their website or social media accounts Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Be sure to check out some of their latest designs and photos from their recent fashion presentation below.


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