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May 19, 2018


Tyrone King Jr. is a native of Atlanta, GA and a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a Bachelors in Business Administration: Marketing and minor in computer science. Based on his passions for learning and creating, Tyrone taught himself an array of digital skills starting with HTML coding at the age 12, a skill that he continues to incorporate into his education and career goals. He has experience producing videos in non linear editing programs such as Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Currently Tyrone is working in partnership with New Atlanta on developing social media and branding strategies and media coverage. He plans to expand his clientele in the various opportunity the city has to offer now with a platform that allows him to do so with full creative leeway. 

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Travis Lawrence, CEO of TTP Productions, was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. After graduation from Archer High School in Gwinnett county, Travis enlisted in the Marines where he realized that he fell in love with photography . While serving abroad in South Korea, he captured the life and the culture of the country ranging from promotion ceremonies on base to volunteer events with orphanages and hikes through the mountains of Korea and just the average night life. In 2015 coming back from Korea, Travis starts his business, TTP Productions, and has not looked back since. 2018 he now embarks on expanding his production company as he ventures into the film industry. There he will cover a range of video production such as music videos, event coverage, skits and short films. Travis is always looking to help the next dreamer out, bringing everyone who is looking to showcase their talent together. Partnering with The New Atlanta, he hopes to expand the visuals of the brand and show the involvement of The New Atlanta all over the Metropolitan area and across the state.

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