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April 28, 2018



“Kindness Blooms New ATL ” a philanthropy event started on March 8, 2018. The mission is to, “pass out flowers to strangers in hopes of raising spirits, bringing back some of that old southern charm, and
spreading smiles across the city of Atlanta”.
Milan, CEO of We Are The New Atlanta, initiated the idea after seeing similar projects in other cities
and on social media. “I have been pretty disheartened by so much ugliness in the world these days
especially with the recent school shootings. Flowers are beautiful. Giving a simple red rose seems like
a pretty easy (albeit small) way to spread beauty and kindness”. It is also a great opportunity to
actually interact with people and see the effect one small gesture has on people.
So on Thursday the team went out with three dozen roses with each single rose having a motivational
quote attached to it. The team walked through downtown Atlanta to spread hugs and smiles as they
gave out roses to unsuspecting residents.

This gesture brought a few moments of complete joy to each person who received them.

It was such a cool experience to just easily make people’s days like that. Just give them a flower,
something they never expected! And there’s no catch- just a random act of kindness. It was a much
more fun and exciting experience than we anticipated.   
The team plans on continuing this trend. Will you join us? If you are a florist with extra flowers on your
hand and would like to make a donation, please contact us. If you are interested in joining this activity
or make a donation towards the roses, join us in spreading love in the City. We will be announcing the
next date soon.

If you receive a rose, make sure you post and tag #kindnessbloomsnewatl.

It is our mission to continue to spread some moments of complete joy and kindness throughout the
City of Atlanta. #wearethenewatlanta

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